Oak Grove Methodist Church Cemetery

This cemetery was started in 1891 and was part of the Oak Grove United Methodist Church which was closed in 1983 and razed in 1993. It became the property of Trenton Methodist Church which assumed the responsibility of it’s further development and maintenance.  It is located 3.4 miles from Olivers Crossroad (Hwy 58) on Oak Grove Road (SR 1121) just beyond the intersection of Claude Banks Road (SR 1332).  A  MAP  is provided.

Burial spaces are still available. A map of the cemetery is located  in the office of the Trenton Methodist Church.  Specific information can be obtained from the pastor of Trenton Methodist Church.

Listed below is a roster of the deceased.  Information may be added as provided.

ARMSTRONG, Charles JR4-18-19555-19-1955s/o of Edward & Dorothy
ARMSTRONG, Dorothy “Dot” Glenn Banks3-17-19205-20-2014w/o E C (cremains)
ARMSTRONG, Edward Charles “Buck”1-28-19222-25-2011cremains
BANKS, William F11-10-186610-24-1931 
BANKS, Lanie L1-10-18772-20-1944 
BANKS, Claude Preston12-18-18943-20-1984 
BANKS, Glenn Harper3-21-18961-1-1990w/o Claude Preston
BELL, Mary Ruby Thomas Hargett1-10-19053-16-1987 
BOYETT, Mary J5-18-188610-5-1901 
BOYETT, Flossie4-6-189310-13-1900 
CHADWICK, David Andrew6-26-19856-26-1985Infant Son
COOK, Billy Joe6-28-192210-1-2012USMC WWII & Korea
COOK, Christabel “Bert” Hargett7-13-192511-17-2016Wed 7-30-1944
COX, Clarence Lendell1-10-19004-30-1984 
COX, Letha Hughes10-5-19029-16-1995 
COX, Linwood Floyd2-21-192310-9-2016US Navy WWII cremains
COX, Norma Banks11-25-19252-20-2015w/o Linwood F cremains 
COX, David Linwood5-7-194811-26-1967s/o Linwood & Norma
DEBRUHL, Joel Paul7-5-18856-12-1960 
DEBRUHL, Bessie A Mercer7-5-18875-3-1923w/o Joel Paul
DEBRUHL, Manley Pollock7-17-192012-15-2013USNavy WWII
DIXON, John A3-19-18702-23-1946 
DIXON, Etta L7-30-18765-30-1941 
DIXON, Dollie E2-19-18961-8-1972 
DIXON, Ethel7-1-19047-22-1946 
DIXON, Wilber A10-22-190611-27-1906 
DIXON, George Howe11-4-19071-2-1956 
DIXON, Lizzie Mae Jordan2-28-1911 11-27-2000w/o George Howe
DIXON, Clara B10-13-19135-3-1986 
DIXON, Johnny B10-30-19162-28-1988 
DIXON, Laura H6-18-191711-29-1988w/o Johnny B
DIXON, John A6-20-19576-15-1990 
HARGETT, A J 11-30-186711-9-1932 
HARGETT, Alice Kate1-20-18767-15-1944w/o A J
HARGETT, Ernest George9-18-18887-2-1944 
HARGETT, Lena Thomas6-8-18931-12-1974 
HARGETT, Fred Bryan4-20-18951-6-1976 
HARGETT, Richard M9-7-19234-11-1945US Navy WWII
HARGETT, Alfred A SR11-25-19276-15-1991 
HARGETT, Eleanor C12-24-192810-11-1996 
HARGETT, Michael A6-23-1957  
HARGETT, Jennie L5-9-1960  
HARGETT, Julian B12-24-1962  
HARRIETT, Matt N3-31-18591-10-1921 
HARRIETT, Samuel S12-17-186512-30-1920 
HARRIETT, Macon T7-14-18683-12-1928 
HARRIETT, Charlie P1-23-18718-20-1929 
HARRIETT, Della Bynum3-21-18805-26-1953w/o Matt N
HARRIETT, Rosa Wooten3-14-18819-20-1951 
HARRIETT, Alice Bynum10-29-18869-25-1961w/o Macon T
HARRIETT, John W “Jack”10-22-19098-5-1921 
HARRIETT, Ralph L7-9-191412-22-1989 
HARRIETT, Milton Thomas5-9-19162-7-1945In Memorian PFC US Army WWII
HARRIETT, James Foscue4-15-192411-18-2005CPL USArmy Air Force WWII
HARRIETT, William Ryal10-4-19824-27-1983In Memorian
HILL, Lynwood K (Dick)2-14-19395-9-2014
HILL, Mary Lee Smith11-16-1941w/o Lynwood
KILLINGSWORTH, Hezakiah Scott7-10-187112-7-1928 
KILLINGSWORTH,Josephine Banks 3-8-187210-7-1932w/o Hezakiah
KILLINGSWORTH, Fannie Jenkins18741944 
KILLINGSWORTH, Frederick Bryant4-21-18786-20-1951 
KILLINGSWORTH, Lillian May9-21-18946-21-1929 
KILLINGSWORTH, Etta Dixon11-12-1926 d/o H K JR & Della Scott K
MALLARD, Lewis Frederick7-8-19352-8-1936s/o T R & Clara B
MELTON, Fannie8-6-18988-29-1901 
MERCER, Hulda Boyette5-5-18613-28-1930 
MERCER, General Sherman1-18-18669-11-1943 
MERCER, John W7-6-18751-17-1944 
MERCER, James D4-24-18788-8-1947 
MERCER, Maggie P8-8-18781-29-1920w/o John W
MERCER, Lorena Boyett11-10-18828-7-1938w/o James D
MERCER, Macy Elizabeth3-9-18908-12-1961 
MERCER, Wilford10-28-19001-6-1901 
MERCER, Un-named infant 10-5-190110-5-1901d/o John W & Maggie P
MERCER, Bertha1-27-19042-25-1904 
MERCER, Worden L8-8-19075-4-1938 
MERCER, J Odell8-21-19093-4-1935s/o J D & Lorena
MERCER, Mary L11-13-19176-10-1918 
MERCER, Fred Leon JR5-29-19295-29-1929 i/o Fred L & Eva Bynum
MERCER, Eva Frances 4-24-19304-24-1930i/o Fred L & Eva Bynum
MOBLEY, George12-6-190?10-12-190?s/o Henry & Rachel (wooden marker)
MOBLEY, Nell Brock8-2-19104-12-1956 
ROWE, George Wade11-7-18889-28-1945 
ROWE, Nellie Scott11-27-18913-16-1980 
ROWE, James Wade10-26-19118-24-1959 
ROWE, Warren Thomas8-11-19184-10-2007 
ROWE, Mary S9-25-192110-24-1925 
ROWE, Mary Bray9-3-1923 w/o Warren Thomas
ROWE, Joseph “James”  Vance Sr9-21-192510-5-2009 
ROWE, Marvin Elmer7-13-192812-4-1949US Navy WWII
ROWE, Linda Ann S10-15-1933 Wed 6-11-1950
SCOTT, Elizabeth5-15-182412-12-1891w/o E W
SCOTT, E W7-29-18286-30-1905 
SCOTT, Alex H8-31-18522-9-1928 
SCOTT, Mary Chesnut1-24-18682-24-1920 
SCOTT, Benjamin S12-20-18694-14-1925 
SCOTT, Sallie E9-22-18707-7-1945w/o Benjamin S
SCOTT, Joseph Edward9-27-18973-22-1978Wed 8-11 -1918
SCOTT, Hezzie K JR3-5-19006-16-1969 
SCOTT, Sallie Harrison8-8-19018-20-1987w/o Joseph Edward
SCOTT, Deller D9-29-19011-21-1998 
SCOTT, Baby Archie1-20-19261-20-1926Infant
SCOTT, George Edward2-7-19294-14-2009US Navy Vietnam
SCOTT, Joe “Buck” Butler Sr1-8-19343-25-2017 
SCOTT, Jeannie Carolyn W6-18-1947  
SKINGLEY,  William Dave “Bill”11-14-19223-4-2010USMC
SKINGLEY,  Vivian Gearhart3-17-19238-10-2008w/o William D
TAYLOR, JamesW12-13-18637-4-1928 
TAYLOR, Benjamin F9-20-187011-5-1960 
TAYLOR, Thirsey Anne Futral1-19-18727-31-1926w/o B F
TAYLOR, Alma Willis6-8-18881-24-1973w/o Benjamin F
TAYLOR, Harriett L     18466-28-1923w/o Joseph S 
VICIOSO, Ana Julia7-27-19354-18-2000m/o Adida Woodard
WHITE, Billy Walton Sr7-6-19346-6-2012U S Army Korea & Vietnam
WHITE, Peggy Ann Hargett2-15-1935